High quality or quantity?

I spend more like Gabby than Ali.

I prefer designer or designer quality over quantity. Gabby went for the $$$ (at the time) Juicy Couture and True Religion stuff, while Ali went for the costume jewelry and Wet Seal stuff.

One comment that someone made about me awhile back was “everything you have is nice”. I took that as a personal compliment. I think its a part of the rush for me in shopping compulsively. The compliments are a part of the “rush” after the initial purchase.

They both also had acrylics. I noticed that Gabby didn’t have hers in the beginning when her dad first confronted her about therapy. It seems like acrylics are a part of the compulsive shoppers “wardrobe”.

Its pretty obvious here she has a spray tan, and isn’t tanning by laying out in the sun like a lot of people seem to think that she does.

I’m getting “high” just thinking about getting my acrylics back on and being able to spray tan.

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