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My Shopping Addiction – Season 1 Ep. 2 — Anna

I absolutely love this show… sorry it was on for only one season! I’m going to discuss two of my favorite shopping addicts.

Anna is another that I can relate to. She laughs self-consciously, and laughing and smiling is my first reaction to so many things but just because I’m uncomfortable or nervous. Below shes laughing at the fact that she’s storing her clothes in a bookcase.


I died when she said that she would dream about items that she didn’t purchase. Not only do I dream, I begin to obsess. I cant stop thinking about whatever it is until I make it mine. Unlike Anna, though I will return if whatever it is doesn’t work for me. Even that was fairly recent for me… I used to trash things that didnt work and I didnt have to do that. Makes me cringe when I think about it.

She also kinda smirked and said “oops!” when she said she was still shopping although she was in a lawsuit with her landlord. I know most people think that’s irresponsible, but if you don’t have a shopping addiction you’ll have a difficult time understanding that reaction. It nCaptureever meant court or eviction to me, but at times it did mean car repairs or maintenance suffered, or something else. I mean, I knew it was serious but it would have seemed silly in a way to have a serious reaction when I knew I should stop shopping — but didn’t.

As far as returning stuff goes its a lot easier when you don’t shop in person. Just drop it in the mail (usually for free) and wait for the credit back on your card.



I have to admit that there are portions of the show that seem “fake” or scripted, but it seems like certain things were prearranged (like the “are you sure you want to return it?”) in the scene below where Anna is at Purdy Girl returning what she just bought.


I think it was meant to place additional pressure on them to reconsider. Of course Anna is laughing through this… it must have been super stressful for her.


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