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My Shopping Addiction – Season 1 Ep. 2 — Anna

I absolutely love this show… sorry it was on for only one season! I’m going to discuss two of my favorite shopping addicts.

Anna is another that I can relate to. She laughs self-consciously, and laughing and smiling is my first reaction to so many things but just because I’m uncomfortable or nervous. Below shes laughing at the fact that she’s storing her clothes in a bookcase.


I died when she said that she would dream about items that she didn’t purchase. Not only do I dream, I begin to obsess. I cant stop thinking about whatever it is until I make it mine. Unlike Anna, though I will return if whatever it is doesn’t work for me. Even that was fairly recent for me… I used to trash things that didnt work and I didnt have to do that. Makes me cringe when I think about it.

She also kinda smirked and said “oops!” when she said she was still shopping although she was in a lawsuit with her landlord. I know most people think that’s irresponsible, but if you don’t have a shopping addiction you’ll have a difficult time understanding that reaction. It nCaptureever meant court or eviction to me, but at times it did mean car repairs or maintenance suffered, or something else. I mean, I knew it was serious but it would have seemed silly in a way to have a serious reaction when I knew I should stop shopping — but didn’t.

As far as returning stuff goes its a lot easier when you don’t shop in person. Just drop it in the mail (usually for free) and wait for the credit back on your card.



I have to admit that there are portions of the show that seem “fake” or scripted, but it seems like certain things were prearranged (like the “are you sure you want to return it?”) in the scene below where Anna is at Purdy Girl returning what she just bought.


I think it was meant to place additional pressure on them to reconsider. Of course Anna is laughing through this… it must have been super stressful for her.


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Real Hair, “Fur” trimmed hooded vest

Lots of things in this photo… you see Alis real hair here.

I also adore her outfit! She wearing her houndstooth scarf with a hooded puffer type vest with fur trim on the hood. The red jersey underneath is the perfect piece to layer. This outfit is so great because of how she mixes a classic like houndstooth with her “designer” (not really sure if its designer, but it doesn’t really matter) handbag and then the fun vest and jersey. Absolutely adorable.

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New Laptop

I don’t think its new, but it looks like she doesn’t spend tons of time on the computer! My laptop looks so rough in comparison! 🙂

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Ali’s “Barbie” Hair

Another  “look” of Ali’s that I absolutely love is her long blonde hair with the sideswept bangs. So pretty. I know it’s a wig, but its such an adorable style that looks soooo cute on her.

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Love this opera wallet

Yet another thing of Alis that I love… her black and white opera wallet! I wish I could find a checked one like that, but I found a black patent one that I am going to get. Love this so much though.

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Alis Short Wig

Probably just about anything would look cute on her, but I feel that she bought this wig just to buy. Before they stopped in the wig store she said something about wanting to relieve some hostility with shopping (I totally relate to this) so they went into the wig store. Not judging because I’ve done the same thing with shopping… shopping just to let off some steam or get rid of some stress.

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Does this look like a compulsive shoppers closet to you?

While its maybe a but larger than Gabbys closet, Alis closet doesn’t look all that packed out with clothes here. She does have a large dresser, but even with that it’s not that much.

Now THIS looks like the closet of a compulsive shopper. It may be slightly smaller, but I think there are actually way more clothes in there. Plus not all of Gabbys clothes are in there.


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“It’s definitely a high for me….”

“… shopping definitely stimulates for me the same things a drug would… it’s definitely a high for me….  ”

Boy can I relate to her here. The high… the feeling that I get not just from spending, but the anticipation of spending. I’m still getting a rush in anticipation of putting on acrylic nails again and getting spray tans.

I’m not kidding either. I read a transcript from an interview that Ali had with Joyce Behar and Ali asked Joyce if she thought about getting a pedicure weeks in advance… this is exactly how it is. It’s definitely a part of the “rush”.

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That when Kyle was handing Ali money that she was spending his money.

He was holding her money for her.


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Article about Ali Owen

Local woman talks cost of spending on MTV
The Eagle-Gazette staff

FAIRFIELD COUNTY [Ohio] – Amanda native Alicia Owen got addicted to spending money after graduating from high school.

But today, the 21-year-old Columbus resident is trying to encourage others not to make the same mistakes she did.

Owen’s story was featured on the MTV series, True Life: I’m a compulsive shopper, which aired earlier this month.

The series follows young people and the unique sub-cultural issues they deal with in their daily lives, according to MTV’s Web site.

“I don’t blame my parents, but growing up I would be spending money right along with them,” said Owen, an Amanda-Clearcreek High School graduate.

Owen said when she began living independently in Columbus her spending continued, leaving her deeply in debt.

In the True Life episode, Owen comes to terms with her debt and her illness, sees a therapist, and begins going to Central Ohio Debtors Anonymous meetings in Columbus. She meets her mother at Texas Roadhouse in Lancaster for a serious conversation about her spending issues.

“The biggest problem with what I was doing was that I was dealing with emotional issues like feeling down, by spending and going shopping,” Owen said. “Supporting the habit cost a lot. I couldn’t control it anymore.”

With or without MTV’s cameras, Owen knew she needed help, and being filmed for two months made her face the issue head-on.

“My family and friends were interviewed. The cameras were there on my 21st birthday. It was difficult, but nothing good comes easy,” she said.

Owen now recognizes her issue as an illness, and she is taking the steps to do something about it.

“Being in recovery is a daily process,” she said.

Her goal is to raise awareness about this illness in Ohio because it is often difficult to recognize and find treatment. Owen continues to attend the Debtors Anonymous group in Columbus, works at a bar as a waitress to pay off her debt and has begun writing a book about her experiences.

“It’s about being an adult, about money and being aware of choices,” she said. “What I was doing was just like someone abusing alcohol or shooting a needle in their arm. The consequences are just as bad.”

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